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We have real freedom, a pinch of creativity and power in one can. This is a common feature that combines Żelazny WKM Energy Drink and the Żelazny Aerobatic Group. It is not only acrobatics. It is the energy that they give to all their fans. Everyone can reach for their dose of energy. Together with us, share it with others.

Reach for your energy,
Become one of us,

Energy Drink was created for people who value an extra boost of energy in high-risk situations.
The distinctive taste allows you to quench your thirst on hot days, and the passion that connects the Żelazny Aerobatic Group and the Żelazny WKM Energy Drink lets you spend time in the most appropriate place – air shows or other extreme areas.

Let yourself be infected with passion for aviation,
Let yourself be infected with taste,
Get to know the Żelazny brand!

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Logotyp Żelazny WKM

Lorenza Sp. z o.o.

Head office: ul. Kijowska 44,
85-703 Bydgoszcz, Poland
Phone iconPhone: +48 696 841 236
Mail: biuro@zelaznywkm.pl
NIP: 1. 967-142-50-79
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