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Żelazny Aerobatic Group is one of the world’s top aerobatic teams. A team which is famous for performing the most difficult and spectacular aerobatic maneuvers. However, Żelazny Aerobatic Group is much more than that…It is one-of-a-kind combination of genuine passion and love for aviation, extraordinary abilities and adrenaline. Żelazny team is not only a group of the best pilots but most of all it is a group of friends who trust each other completely, people whose talent and skills allow them to be the best aerobatic pilots. The group consists of glider and airplane instructors, test pilots as well as examiners of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Żelazny Aerobatic Group combines an experience of acclaimed pilots with young aviation talents.  The best of them take part in international aviation competitions where they win top prizes in aerobatic aviation, e.g. Katarzyna Żmudzińska , Mirosław Wrześniewski, Agata Nykaza who became the World Vice-Champions and Champions in Advanced glider aerobatics. What needs to be emphasized is the fact that one of the goals of Żelazny Group is to promote young pilots. Thus, those who belong to the Group, may take part in prestigious competitions thanks to their endeavor and trainings. What is more, they also stand a chance of being a member of the starting composition participating in dynamic displays.

Currently, the Group has eight aerobatic airplanes at its disposal. The Group is going to perform  at the Poznań Air Show celebrating 100th Anniversary of Polish Aviation with ten aircrafts that belong to Żelazny Aerobatic Group

The origins

The origins of the group reach back to the meeting of Andrzej Kraszewski, the President of the Aerobatic Club of Lubuskie Province, Lech Marchelewski, the Head of the Aerobatic Club of Lubuskie Province, Wojciech Krupa, a military pilot and Sebastian Chrząszcz, a civil pilot. The outcome of the meeting was the creation of the first civil aerobatic group which,  although unknown at the time, was to become internationally successful.

Officially, the Group was created in 2000. Performing aerobatics on various types of aircrafts, has been  the team’s distinguishing feature from the very beginning and has made the team unequalled by any others. It is a world phenomenon.

The Group Members

First formations were created by Lech Marchelewski, Sebastian Chrząszcz,  Marek Dubkiewicz, Tadeusz Kołaszewski, and Wojciech Krupa. A few years later Piotr Banachowicz, Krzysztof Kossiński and Piotr Haberland joined in. Currently the starting composition of the team is: Wojciech Krupa – leader, Piotr Haberland, Tadeusz Kołaszewski, Krzysztof Siarkiewicz  , Wojciech Muszyński, Paweł Antkowiak, Agata Nykaza, Wojciech Grzechowiak. Also with a glider formation: Magdalena Stróżyk, Agata Nykaza and Mirosław Wrześniewski.

A breakthrough for the the group came with a financial support offered by the Aerobatic Club of Lubuskie Province and Poznan Aerobatic Club which led to the group’s rapid development. Since then Żelazny Aerobatic Group could fully focus on the development of its aerobatic skills. In 2015, on the basis of the tripartite agreement, the partners were joined by Adriana Aviation Training Centre.

The Group’s Displays

Today, Żelazny Aerobatic Group has a proven track record of excellent displays i.a. in South Korea, Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and many other countries. It is also present at all Polish air shows. Their every display involves aerobatics where aircrafts are mere meters away from each other. At the same time and in one designated space airplanes fly in a formation that they divide and combine by performing specific aerobatic figures. Most of the elements are performed symmetrically, repetitively or in a full formation, where all airplanes are “led” by the maneuvers of a one aircraft.

We refer to the tradition

The Group pilots have a proven track record of aerobatics that has won them worldwide acclaim. Three airplanes tied together by four-meter long chains dived, pulled up, performed two loops and then landed. This maneuver went down in history of aviation and has never been repeated by any team in the world. With that maneuver Żelazny Group has not only established itself as the stars of the sky but also referred to the best traditions of Polish aviation. A similar maneuver was performed for the first time in 1926 by a team of three Polish pilots.  “Bajan’s Three”, performed by Jerzy Bajan with Karol Pniak and Stanisław Macek, is a formation of three aircrafts tied together with ropes. Żelazny Group not only repeated the maneuver but also added to difficulty by joining their airplanes with chains. Today, when we look at white and red airplanes performing the most difficult aerobatic maneuvers, it is hard not to mention pre-war pilots who blazed the trail for aerobatics – Stanisław Żwirko, Marian Wigur or Tadeusz Orlinski – who Żelazny Group refers to with its successes.




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